Auction for the memory of one to benefit many

This is Otis when I brought him home at 6 weeks to try to diagnose why he could not keep down food. This is one of the pictures I was sent of the puppies, which broke my heart thinking of them going to the shelter.

For those of you who were not around for Otis’ fight, here is a little back ground on him. He was born October 20th and I agreed to take on his litter because his owners could not afford to feed the puppies.  The day after I agreed to take them on (they were 6 weeks old) Otis started vomiting every time he ate. His owner thought he was seizing and so I tried lots of things to calm his stomach. When nothing worked, the next day I took him to the vet where the X-rays showed he had Persistent Right Aortic Arch (PRAA) where his heart and his esophagus was tangled up so food could not go down leaving his esophagus all stretched out (Mega Esophagus).  I worked to raise money for him to correct the PRAA because the surgery has a 90% success rate; however, after the surgery he was worse and not better.  Only 2 days after coming home from the hospital, sweet Otis ended up with aspiration pneumonia (from inhaling his regurgitation on food).  He was in the hospital for over a week, but continued to deteriorate because his inability to keep food down just made him skinnier and skinnier.

(and see the last blog about him at:

This is Otis when I picked him up from his first surgery, I was so hopeful for what was to come.

Finally, at 12.5 weeks old, Otis was no longer in the fight.  While I was preparing to have a feeding tube put in him, he was tired of fighting.  Although he is gone, he left behind lots of vet bills, and as almost every dog I rescue (which has been about 130 in the last 15 months) needs vetting, I continue to work to pay those bills not just for him, but for all the future dogs.  Many (if not most) of the dogs I take are special needs or medical, whether that be newborn orphans or dogs with mange, I have a soft spot for the ones most people don’t want to take care of.  It is in Otis’ honor, and for the needs of all homeless pets that so many wonderful animal lovers have come together for this auction.

So when you bid on the auctioned items, not only are you getting super high quality items (and Valentine’s Day is right around the corner), but you are also helping out dogs like these:

Some of the many items that will be auctioned starting 12 noon PST 1/27 at:

Elsie the Domestic Goddess- When I am not doing dog rescue, I enjoy sewing.  I love creating custom items that people will love.  I teach classes and sew for different groups (including American Cancer Association, school groups and dog rescue).  I say I don’t know how to sew, I only know what I know how to do.  My basis keeps spreading as I end up having to learn to sew clothes for an awkward size dog with mange, or for other groups.  I made these two bags for the auction. You can see my Facebook page at:!/ElsietheDomesticGoddess

This first bag is one of those ones I design and want to keep.  It is reversible (you have to unscrew it from the frame to switch it around) with dogs on one side and tattoo hearts on the other that say “love” in them. It is great for the person you love or to show your love for dogs.  The pocket on the dog side is embroidered with XOXO on all 4 sides, and also has heart designs embroidered on it.  The other side has a felt heart button with a polka dot button on top of it.  It is quilted, so it is machine washable.  The Dog side has saying like “have you kissed your dog today?” and ”my best friends.”  This bag is in perfect time for Valentine’s Day.


 This bag is also quilted and reversible. On one side there are dogs on top of an argyle pattern with matching argyle trim.  There are all types of dogs on the fabric (yorkshire terriers, shar pei, pug, lab, dashaund, husky, rottweiler, collie, pomeranian, boxer, west highland terrier, dalmatian, bermese mountain dogs, beagle, terriers and more). The pocket has a dog button on it as well.  The other side side is a vintage pattern of polka dot and floral pattern.  It is machine washable and on a 4.5″ metal antique bronze frame. 

You can see my etsy page at: and my website is


Kreativ Artisan Gifts & Design Studio is run by Karin.  I was lucky enough to meet Karin while chained to a dog house in Nashville, TN to try to get awareness for anti-tethering laws. Karin is foster who has taken in many of these chained pit bulls.  She has been a huge supporter and is continuing to do so by donating this amazing basket.

This is a picture of the whole ScruffyMutt gift basket valued at $65. Included is one Stink-B-Gone Odor Neutralizer Reed Diffuser, one satchel of Peanut Butter Crunch biscuits, one Doody Butt poop bag carrier and pack of flushable bags, one Clippy Doo hands free doody bag carrier, one bookmark with picture frame charm, one keychain charm with picture frame, and one “Rescued” dog collar charm. Check out ScruffyMutt at:


Ana Apple designs all sorts of tricked out threads. You can get a shirt for you, one for the dog, and one for the baby all to match.  You can see her Etsy shop at: and like her on Facebook at:!/anaappledesigns

We will be auctioning off 3 different eye masks (in 3 different scents) as well as 2 dog shirts.  You choose the size for either the Mr./Mrs. Bones and the Cali Love dog shirts.

CharlieHeartsDiesel- I have all large breed dogs personally, and although I have fostered several little dogs this year that has shown me why people like the pocket pooches, I do tend to rescue a lot of pit bulls. One thing many pit parents complain about is the inability to find stuff for that size dog. But not with CharlieHeartsDiesel.  And the winner of this auction gets $40 to choose any custom item they want from the shop (tutu, scarf, or whatever you may desire).

Please check out CharlieHeartsDiesel on Etsy at:
or on Facebook at:

Woofs and Ruffles calls themselves couture dog clothing, and I would have to agree! The quality is amazing, the materials adorable and they are put together in a way that screams class.  Look at these outfits that will be auctioned off!

Check out their etsy page at:

and find them on facebook at:!/pages/Woofs-and-Ruffles-Couture-Dog-Clothing/267654533276959

Coley’s Collars makes beautiful custom collars. You can get them in any size for your cat or tea chup chihuahua or your mastiff. She uses beautiful fabrics and anyone can find something they will love.  We will be auctioning off 4 of these collars.

Check out Coley’s Collars at : on etsy at: or on facebook at:!/coleyscustomcollars

 Aurora’s Bows makes those super cute bows any groomer or owner of a cute little dog should own.  I am the hair flower and bow queen myself, so this makes me want to have a dog I could put these on! And a $50 Gift certificate goes a long way!

Check out how adorable they are at or

The Doggie Market makes some of the cutest dog clothes I have ever seen. Anyone who knows me knows I am a girly girl. I love my dresses and heels and if I were a dog I would want to wear these dresses. These dresses are about the cutest thing there is, plus they have bow ties, knit sweaters and all sorts of clothes for your pocket pooch!

We are auctioning off $50 towards any purchase of Designer Doggy Clothing from the Doggie Market ( Really makes me want to go out and adopt a new little dog so I can dress her! Like their facebook page at:

Happy Tails Pet Bakery is donating 5 sets of their Cheesy Cheddar Dog Biscuits (18 ct) and Peanut Butter Bacon hearts (24 ct).  So 5 dogs can be so excited about 42 fresh, home made, all natural doggy treats.  I am a cook (for those of you who don’t know about my blog and me) and I am a huge proponent of natural and fresh ingredients.  If the news about dogs dying from eating treats from China isn’t enough to scare you, then I think only 3 words are needed: peanut- butter-bacon.






Your dog would be spoiled with these treats. You can see what other kinds they have at: or at


Missteawinkie was the first person to sign up for this auction. She sent me 3 adorable outfits to be auctioned off.  I wish my pictures did her clothes justice because they are amazing and the quality is astounding. 


Cool Dog Duke – there are so many of these plaques and stickers that make me giggle.  I love the sticker we are auctioning off for sure.  Remember what truly matters in life: Peace Love Paws!

Cool Dog Luke can be seen at their website or on etsy or their facebook page


Nature’s Adornments has donated 2 items for the auction, one is a urn that can hold the remains of your beloved pet and the other is a super cute cow outfit.

I have never seen someone that crafty, who can sew, work with stone, make jewelry and everything in between. If you want to be as impressed as I am with the talents of one woman check out

The Mad Stampers make hand stamped and durable name tags for your pet’s collar. I absolutely love the way that they look. There will be two of these amazing dog collar charms for auction. This is a 1″ tag with an added dog bone charm. You choose the material – Brass, Copper or Nickel Silver. You may choose either the nickel or brass dog bone charm.

You can see more of the Mad Stampers items at:

Shaggy Chic makes some amazingly adorable crocheted items, including this amazing hat they donated.  I really love it because it looks just like the hats my husband loves to wear (since he is still a child- as many men are).

Her store mainly caters to pocket pooches but she can custom make ones for larger dogs too.  Check out her Etsy store at: or her facebook page Shaggy Chic

Learned Stitchworks has donated a $17 gift certificate for their shop.  They make super cute bows and flowers for your dog’s collar.  Flowers and bow ties are made from very high quality fabric by name designers. The flower or bow tie are completely removable so that you can keep them for that special walk or occasion. They are held on with two sided velco and can be placed anywhere on the collar you would like.

You can see more of the amazing items at: and visit their facebook page at

MD Puppy Cakes- with the amount of cheesy wonderfulness on these, I actually think I would eat these!

These bisuits are handmade, gluten-free dog biscuits. They also make puppy cakes incase your beloved pet is having a birthday party and is needing a cake that all his poochy friends can enjoy!  Check out:


Billetsdoux donated 2 of these!!!Give your dog a sense of humour! See who gets up close and personal when your dog wears this tag. A 1″ matte aluminium disc is hand stamped with “If you can read this I will lick you.” Comes on a stainless steel giant split ring ready to slide onto your dog’s collar.

These are kindly donated by:

Hungry Paws is offering a $10 gift certificate for you to choose the perfect treat for your favorite canine. Look at these amazing doggy treats! They are affordable cute and look delicious.!

You can see more at:

Hueby’s Scroll Art- Woodworking is one of the many arts that has been lost. Wooden puzzles take us back to the generations before.  Luckily Hueby is still sharing this craft with the world.  He has all sorts of puzzles including the 2 he is donating for this auction.

Check out all the amazing puzzles at:

18″ pearl necklace- This 18″ strand of freshwater pearls comes with a certificate of authenticity and valuation stating the suggested retail value of this piece is $450. Every woman should have a pair of real pearls so here is your chance to own one and help a good cause. Remember valentine’s day is right around the corner!

Sacramento People!!!

Callie Foster Smith works as a hair stylist in both Folsom and Placerville. She is donating her services for this auction.  If you want to book with her directly you can contact her at: 916-316-9068

If you would like to donate for the auction you still can, you can contact me at:

Monetary donations are always welcome as well. Thank you for supporting one rescue, in the memory of one sweet boy, to benefit the future dogs.

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    Wow! What a wonderful outpouring of kindness! You’re going to have quite an auction!

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